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Katy Probate and Business Lawyers

Meet Our Katy Probate Lawyers

At the Adams Law Firm, we have an exceptional group of attorneys who are skilled in their respective practice areas. Learn more about the team behind our firm’s success by reading our attorney profiles.

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The Adams Law Firm uniquely combines two completely separate and distinct practice groups under one roof to offer clients the best and most complete legal representation possible. As in any industry, the synergies and economies of scale created by sharing resources between two complementary practice groups directly benefits our clients in enumerable ways. For example, the most complicated and catastrophic personal injury cases often include family law questions, require probate or strategic asset collection, and even involve criminal law questions. And many complicated divorce, probate or business matters ultimately end up in the courtroom, and often involve either CPS or local law enforcement. Very few firms in Texas can offer you those services from individual experienced lawyers, all under one roof.

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