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When you are the caretaker of a loved one with special needs, you may worry about who will care for them when you are gone. At the Adams Law Firm, we can assist families with creating customized special needs trusts for their loved ones. We understand the unique challenges of planning for special needs individuals and can guide you through all the issues concerning their medical and emotional health, as well as their day-to-day needs. Our estate planning team can provide effective planning to ensure your loved one’s short- and long-term needs are met.

Our Katy special needs planning lawyers can help you address important issues, such as:

  • Choosing the right guardian for your loved one
  • Choosing a trustee to manage the special needs trust
  • Preserving and maximizing assets for your loved one
  • How to maintain public benefits eligibility (SSI, Medicaid, etc.)
  • How your loved one can maintain a comfortable life

When you create a special needs trust, the funds can be used for a wide range of expenses, including education, personal care attendants, and more. Each plan is custom-tailored to your loved one’s specific situation, and can be updated as circumstances change. A well-drafted special needs trust can protect your loved one’s interests and give them the resources they need to thrive.

Can My Loved One Still Qualify for Public Benefits?

Strategic planning is required if you want your loved ones to maintain their eligibility for public benefits such as SSI or Medicaid. Since these benefits have limits on the amount of assets a person can have, leaving a large sum of money to your loved one may disqualify them.

A special needs trust is one of several ways you can leave money to your loved one without jeopardizing their eligibility. We can help you find creative yet effective ways to maximize your loved one’s resources so you can rest easy knowing they have are financially secure.

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If you would like to talk about your special needs loved one or about setting up a trustwill, or another document, tell us more about your concerns. We want to educate our clients with the right information so they can make informed choices. Contact us by calling (281) 391-9237 or filling out an online form.

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